A Trip to China

Taylor Madison is a freshman at Rutgers University. She is the founder of the successful blog talkthatcurl, which is a place for curly hair, wellness, cooking, travel, and a little bit of blacktivisim! (I’m a supporter and active reader, so be sure to check it out!) This year Taylor took a life-changing trip to China. Let’s see what this meant to her!

This past summer, I had the opportunity to study abroad and travel across the world to China. I studied and lived in China for almost four weeks. I went to Xi’an, Shanghai, and Beijing. Traveling to China was a dream come true—I’ve been wanting to travel to China ever since I was a little girl. This trip is one that I will never forget for many reasons: this was an opportunity of a lifetime to travel as a Senior in high school before my first— year in college, I speak Mandarin so this was a great way to expand my language ability. Additionally, my grandfather is Chinese; what an experience it was to be in his home country!

Traveling to China opened many doors for me— I felt more confident speaking Mandarin, I hiked the Great Wall of China, rode the fastest train in China, and most importantly lived my best life. In China, I visited many families, doctors, restaurants, and landmarks. I learned about the living and health conditions there and how I can be of assistance in the near future when it comes to my career pursuits. I would like to live in China eventually, maybe a few years after I graduate from University. I hope to practice medicine there, specifically with children and young adults. I would love to work on policies in China in regards to the youth and their healthcare system.

Below are a vlog and reaction video that encapsulate Taylor’s time in China! 




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