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Close your eyes. Imagine the most beautiful place in the world. “The water is clear like Hawaii and a lot of jungle. If you don’t like one island go to the next,” Trinity San Jose says affectionately of her childhood home. “[In the Philippines] everything is organic.”Trinity, aka “Trin”,  is a sophomore at Orange Coast College in California.”

I was born in Cebu city and was raised in Manila,” she says. “My mom [and I] lived in the Philippines and my dad tried to get us to the US. They got married here.

“Once in the United States, Trin’s family spent a lot of time by the beach. “My first surf was at Huntington Beach. I’d ride on the same board as my cousin Bronson and our uncle would push us out on a baby wave.” In California, “we would have San O surf days every summer. A San O surf day is when you have a cookout and snacks under a hut. All the kids take turns on surfboards going out to catch waves together until we’re tired. We eat, take naps, surf and repeat.” Because of this, surfing is a very popular pastime in Trinity’s family.

Growing up, Trinity was surrounded by art. Her mother was a painter and her dad, a photographer. “They went to the top art schools in the Philippines,” she says. Trin followed in their footsteps and has been doing art for most of her life. She normally draws by hand but is constantly pushing herself to try new methods of making art. “I usually paint on my shirts by hand but screen printing is a different medium so I’d take all my handmade art and make it into a screen print.”

Despite living oceans away, Trinity still feels influenced by her Filipino heritage, especially when it comes to her art. “In the Philippines, it’s known that everyone has at least one or more talent,” She says. “Kids on the street who sell dessert and sing to grab people’s attention—talent is everywhere.” She thinks fondly of the years past. “I had a Christmas party where all [my family] sat on the living room floor and we had three ukeleles and one guitar. We all sang like a choir.” Trinity feels proud of her Phillipino culture and treasures how it makes her unique.

Your work is so awesome Trinity, I can’t wait to see more! Follow Trin @3nitty.



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Definitely, what a fantastic blog and enlightening posts, I will bookmark your website.All the Best!

Trinity San Jose
Trinity San Jose

Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful project and it’s so well written. I’m proud to watch you and the community of girls grow much love.

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