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Individuality Is a Weapon

Heyyy APC. My name is Mars, short for Kumares, and I’m 16-years old, living on the west side of Jersey City, NJ.  I’m Filipino-American, or FilAm; and I’m an artist and musician, amongst other things. Most importantly, this makes me a creator; and in my opinion, that is one of the greatest things you can be at such a young age. The vitality of discovering self-value and expressing individuality is a common issue in society today. 

It took quite a while for me to break out of my shell and figure out who I am. Of course, I’m still on my way to truly figuring it out, but in the years it took me to be confident enough in myself, I really cherish the work and progress that I’ve made.  Many other people break out in several different ways, but for me specifically, I saw visual art and music as the things that helped me find myself.

Expanding and exploring in these fields virtually defined my life and developed my mindset as I grew older.  It was hard for me at first to accept the fact that everything I was doing was always and forever going to be different from what everyone else was doing, but after I jumped that hurdle, the rest became easier for me to overcome.  

Obviously, learning to value and appreciate myself and my work was no different though.  If anything, it’s one of the hardest roads to navigate being a creator. Having spent so many years trying to run away from myself and the negative thoughts I had about everything I did, at some point I had to confront my feelings.

Generally, that’s applicable to any situation in life, as well. All things have to be approached and sorted out, so there’s no point in running from something that’s going to stay in the same place, no matter how many years will pass.  

Individuality is a weapon. Nothing beats you.  From what I’ve learned, there are always people that are going to try to suppress you and attempt to dim your shine.  Being a creator, embracing your quirkiness and self-expressiveness is always going to be the key to loving not only your work, but yourself.  

A parting word from me: don’t wear laces if you aren’t going to tie them.  It’s guaranteed to be a winding road, but it’s also guaranteed that you’ll get through it, and enjoy the ride.

I promise. 

Hello! My name is Tyler Newman and I'm a magical creature.

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This was super well written I loved it 🙂

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