Life on Film

Hey! I’m Claire, a 19-year-old Design student from California. Art has always played a huge role in my life. Like many, I started taking studio classes at a young age and continued on. But over time, it grew to feel like a task. I felt less and less creative as I went to weekly art classes and fell into a routine of painting and sketching the same things. It wasn’t until I first experienced film developing and darkroom technique in 2015 that my work became personal and passionate.

Film is so different from the other mediums I have used. It’s not just an SD card or an automatic click. It’s physically creating an image. The amount of control I have, which at first seemed like a great amount of pressure, gives way to a new side of me. It’s a game of pushing different buttons and knobs, trying to see what I can do to make the second image different from the first. The more I play around with time, light, and color, the more comfortable I become.

I am constantly grateful for the people and locations I’ve been able to capture and experience. Below are some photos that remind me of great moments. 

  1. Sunset at Willard Straight Hall (Ithaca, NY).
  2. My grandma and great-grandma making lunch in the kitchen (Seoul, Korea).
  3. Climbing a huge rock at the beach (Laguna Beach, CA)
  4. Driving down to the campsite (Kings Canyon, CA).
  5. Friends in the ocean (Newport, CA).
  6. Our candle-lit table (Seoul, Korea).
  7. The Johnson Museum during the winter (Ithaca, NY).
  8. The backyard with Alix (Irvine, CA).

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Hello! My name is Tyler Newman and I'm a magical creature.

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