Art,  Dear Brown Girl

Not Your Stereotype

Hi! I am Raina Pahade and I am a senior in a high school from Princeton, New Jersey! I am Indian, specifically Gujarati, and Marathi but I was born and raised in America.

The piece I submitted is an acrylic painting on several wood panels titled “A Response”. It is basically a response to American society and the traditional Indian culture. All statements depicted in this piece are real statements that have been said to me or I have heard! Some of the statements are responses to those claims. I chose to paint two Indian women; the one on the left side is supposed to represent what Indian and American culture think of as the ideal Indian woman: fair skin, pointy nose, big eyes. I also tried to copy the style of older Indian art which shows women in this style. The woman on the left is supposed to show a modern, realistic woman with darker skin and features I took from influential Indian women in my life such as my grandma and my mom. This is my first big painting using text and I really wanted it to spark conversation and awareness of the unrealistic standards women of color, and especially Asian women face today.

Hello! My name is Tyler Newman and I'm a magical creature.

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