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Growing Up Adopted

Hi APC, my name is Jasmine Rose Martin & I’m a junior at West Orange High school.

I was adopted at a young age by a Caucasian gay couple. My family also consists of my un-biological sister. My godparents are lesbian, and they also have two children three years apart from one another. Living with too males has its ups and downs. For example, the fashion talk and fun gossip talk is so fun, but when it comes down to female needs it’s not all that fun; however, my fathers do a good job at understanding. I personally would like to have a female figure in my life to talk to about my needs and yada yada, and that’s where my amazing godparents come in. I have been growing up with the support I need around me and I’m thankful for that. Many people have asked me over the years how does it feel to have two dads, or do I ever wish to have a “normal” family. Now that I am older and have way more knowledge, my answers to these questions are easy ⁠— having two dads is amazing, & no I don’t wish to have a “normal” family. My parents are normal; they are as normal as they can get! They aren’t different from anybody else. Having two dads and two Godmothers is a win-win for me, I love my family.

Talking about my race is a difficult question. I’m not sure where I am from, all I know is that I am mixed (black and white). I have many people come up to me and ask me where I am from and that’s always tough for me to answer. I always end up saying “I’m not sure”, “I’m from America”,” I am black and white”, “I was adopted so I am not really sure”, etc etc. I never found the right way to answer these inquiries and I am still looking for the right answer. I am curious to explore more about where I am from when I am older. 

Growing up I had mixed feelings with my weight and I still do. Where I used to live I used to have a public Instagram account and this boy who I never met screenshot my photo and posted it on his account where he talks about so many girls (In good ways), and the caption for mine wasn’t so nice. It stated, “isn’t she fat and ugly no one would want to date her”. Like, come on! In 5th grade? Dating?! That really messed with my head, and my best friend at the time told me to say something to him. I don’t recall what I said, but I remember I said a bad word. My fathers had my account log in and when they saw it they were very concerned and told the principal and my favorite teacher. They all tried to make me feel better. From that day on, I knew my parents would do anything to make me happy and confident in my own skin. Over the past couple of years, I have had my fair share of struggles, but my parents have made sure I had all the support I needed. 

I decided to write a little bit about my past and my family, because I feel that some young girl or boy can relate in some way to this.


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