Vibrant Colors

Q xopa mi gente! My name is Saray Bedoya and I am an 18-year-old Afro-Latina from Omaha, Nebraska. This fall I will be a freshman at Stanford University with the desire to major in public policy (specifically in the immigration field) and minor in Portuguese. My goal is to help those who have been barred and deprived of the rights and opportunities this very country was founded on, as well as study race relations in Brazil and in the Dominican Republic. I am a daughter of Mexican and Panamanian immigrant parents. Hopefully, that brings light to everything I just said. So what do I bring to the table you may ask? I love photography. It all started when I took the time to watch the sunset. It amazed me how vibrant colors could swirl together right before the darkness took over. I felt like the sky had given me a gift and I wanted to share it with others. Now my passion for photography has expanded to almost everything. I like taking pictures of food, animals, bugs, streets and houses in different countries, of different people and much more. All my pictures are taken randomly, in the spur of the moment, and with an iPhone 6. None are edited; everything is raw. You will also notice that they consist of vibrant colors, just like a sunset, and that is the way in which I express myself. Along with my photography pieces I have included a poem I wrote as part of a school assignment. Although I did have to follow a specific format I decided to do my own thing. I like to leave my images and poems up for interpretation because it is cool to see how others perceive things. I’m always up for a conversation; feel free to DM me @bedoyaaa. Enjoy! 

African Diaspora 

They celebrate and dance to the beating drum Their gleaming skin screaming black and free That same night skin, unaware for what’s to come, As cruel paper whites transport them through sea 

Sickness and sweat sweep the barbarous barred brown bowl A chance to escape but behind–long lost relatives, Green luscious Latino lands encompass their soul Spanish syllables roll off their tongues–decorative 

Now their presence lives immortally among us–a great impact, Babies born in the lightest blackest shades of sun-kissed gold My heart reflecting the beating of the drum and their spirit—intact, My blackness their suffering and my Spanish tongue their triumphs untold I carry the immeasurable tears and sweat of my people in my blood As well as the taste of plátano maduro on my untamed tongue.

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