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Hello APC! My name is Andrea Gonzales and I am a sophomore at the University of San Francisco, studying Business Marketing and Design. As a first-generation Filipina with strict (but loving) parents in the medical field, I’ve been told that art will always be “just a hobby.” Since my family members consistently reduced the importance of art to merely a “pastime,” I forced myself to believe that the medical field was meant for me and neglected my passion for art. Plagued by the idea that medicine was the only opportunity to be successful, I initially enrolled at the University of San Francisco as a nursing major. But as I finished my first year of nursing school, I realized that my work ethic, motivation, and mental health was being affected by choosing a career path that I never wanted for myself in the first place. Since then, I’ve realized that my genuine passion for art will lead me to more success and happiness in my future compared to simply settling for a job that everyone else wanted me to have. Switching my major has made me excited for the opportunities to come and has given me the motivation to fulfill professional goals, which are feelings that I never felt prior to this transition.

Creatives are valuable and necessary in our modern world, and their importance should not continue to be dismissed. There is no competition between liberal arts and STEM: all careers and fields of study hold their own value and have equally important roles in cultivating the world we live in today.

About my art pieces (pictured below):

This set of art pieces is inspired by relationships, self-love, and most importantly: music. My love for music motivates me to create art that showcases how certain songs and genres make me feel. Most recently, I have been creating black and white portraits of musicians that I adore and that continue to inspire my creativity.

Hello! My name is Tyler Newman and I'm a magical creature.

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