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What is Justice?

Hi! My name is Ava Burroughs and I am a 6th grader at Kent Place School. Below is a story I have written about how I started to get involved in activism and question what justice means to me!

“Daddy, what is that?

Why do you look so proud?

Why is that lady crying? Why do they have their fists in the air?”

Asked a little-mixed girl with hair like spun sugar while tugging at a picture of her grandfather.

The picture depicted a civil rights march. A march to make it so there could be such a thing as a little-mixed girl and her mixed father.

“Daddy answer me or I’m gonna tell Mommy!” She hollered.

“Are you yelling at me?”

“No daddy.”

“Ok then.”

“That’s your Big Daddy (grandfather) right there.

You see his fist up in the air?

That fist stands for power.

To the people.

Can you make that fist right there?”

She curls up her fist and yells through the house,

“Power to the people!” Then asks, “But what is he fighting for Daddy?

“For his justice.” He replied.

“What’s justice?”

“Can you find that out for yourself?” He asked her with a smile.

“Yes, daddy.” She leaves the room with her fist in the air.

Six years later the little-mixed girl holds that phrase in her heart.

“What’s justice”

“Can you find that out for yourself?”

The sweet little white chocolate doesn’t know who she is and neither does anyone else.

What are you?

Oh biracial beauty, don’t you know that saying mixed is ok?

That’s who you are

You’re not black

And you’re not white

You’re a beautiful biracial flower

A mix of different cultures, and backgrounds. In you two different worlds collide.

Stand tall

And raise your fist

And you’ll find out

What justice is.

Hello! My name is Tyler Newman and I'm a magical creature.

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