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A Splash of Color

Hi, I’m Maria Perez and welcome to the Colors Project! I believe that dress is an unspoken language that many of us are unaware of. The idea of what people choose to wear and the different colors they pick, coincide with certain personality traits they may have. With the help of my friends, I have collected a series of photographs depicting the colors of the rainbow through different fits. Join me and learn more about the inspiration behind my project!

Yellow is bright and eye-catching. Those who wear yellow are known to be creative. Wearing yellow helps us get a boost on those extra hard days and it sparks cheerful feelings.

Black imparts power. It symbolizes elegance, luxury, and sleekness. Black is seen to be one of the most flattering and versatile colors. One can’t go wrong with black.

Orange is a vibrant, playful color. It is young, fun, and appealing. Using orange in a simple outfit helps give one a nice pop of color.

Blue represents structure and commonality. It shows an aura of being calm and honesty. Wearing blue brings cohesiveness to an outfit.

Green is easy on the eyes and symbolizes nature. It has an aura of charisma and mystery at the same time. Green is typically well recognized in dress.

Red indicates feelings of love and passion. It brings you into the spotlight and imparts confidence. Red outfits are known to be bold and catch the eyes of others.

Pink is a soft, loving color. It denotes an affectionate personality and those who have hues of pink in their wardrobe are shown to value comfort.

Purple is a color that stands out and is sophisticated. It is not the most favorable color, so those that wear it are known to be confident. It is a unique color and symbolizes royalty.

White signifies innocence and simplicity. Wearing a white piece in a fit helps perfectly coordinate a simple outfit. Wearing white shows both innocence and sophistication.

About The Project:

This collaborative project includes eight rows of six different colors from six different color palettes. Each of these rows displays a color that has its own aura, and gives off its own interpretation, depending on the person. Many people are unaware of the fact that people get an interpretation of us the moment they see us, because of what we are wearing. With trying to display different types of styles, I’ve also tried to highlight the beauty of color and the idea that adding color into your style helps make it be very versatile. I admire everyone who has helped me and partook in this project because of their product of vision when styling their outfits. Each and every one of these people does not necessarily conform to simply wearing just ‘black and white’, or ‘all the colors of the rainbow’. They happen to go against clothing stereotypes because, in the end, everyone should be comfortable and be able to wear all types of clothes.

Hello! My name is Tyler Newman and I'm a magical creature.

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