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Sarah Freeman is many things. A renowned model, a talented dancer, the co-founder of the popular Instagram account @biracialblackbeauties, and also a twin. What’s most impressive is she’s accomplished all this by the 6th grade! Let’s hear what Sarah has to say about growing up black in America. 

Being a girl of color isn’t easy. There are only 14 out of fifty girls of color in my grade. At my dance studio, there are only three in our age group. Sometimes it’s hard trying to make people understand what it is like to be a person of color. People I know will walk up to me, stick their hands in my freshly washed hair, and pet it as if I am a dog. I know they don’t mean to hurt me, but they do. People I know will say things that make me upset, and that are offensive–but often I feel as though I can’t complain or I will be labeled ‘the angry black girl.’ When my white teachers discuss Black Lives Matter or slavery, the whole class expects me to have all of the answers. So, as I said, its hard. But that doesn’t mean I don’t stop trying to make things better.

My twin sister, our friend and I, started an Instagram account, focused on sharing stories about black oppression that never make it into the media. I felt like couldn’t just sit there and not stand up for change! How many people will have to die before we do something? I stopped letting people say whatever they wanted to me. No matter how much “drama” I got myself into, I stood up for myself and my people.

My sister and I brought that same passion to our school community. We want to start the activism club, a safe place to share thoughts and stories. We want to educate others and to make our voices heard.

My lesson to you is: don’t let the stereotypes get to you—they got to me. Rock that afro, and flex in your complexion! Don’t change for anyone.


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