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    Living Within the Pages

    Hi APC, my name is Ines! I am 16 and I am a senior in a French high school. I am Moroccan on my father’s side, and French on my mother’s, but I have spent my entire childhood in France. Writing is a tough exercise, especially when you have a lot of ideas in mind. I have decided I would use this white page to talk to you about literature, and about how I discovered my-feminist-self through reading. I guess I can only consider myself a lucky person when it comes to books: my mum is a literature teacher, and I remember spending hours as a kid in front of…

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    Who is Morena?

    Hey APC! My name is Brianna Slaughter! Here is a piece I wrote about my Afro-Latin identity, family, mental health and general experience. Check it out below. Who is Morena? Morena is not who she presents. Morena means brown-girl in Spanish. It is not the name she chose. Her Nana, pale, with her hair, neatly brushed, screams when her granddaughter plays in the sun for too long, her hair is in all different directions.  “Pareces a Celia Cruz. Tu cara parece muy sucia, mija” [You look like Celia Cruz. Your face looks so dirty, my girl] Her mother, with tight lips and a tender voice, forcibly brushes Morena’s hair back…

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    My Existence Is Intersectional

    Hi APC! My name is Nya Etienne, and I hail from the D(M)V, but currently live in New York City and am a freshman NYU. ✨ I plan on co-majoring in Journalism and (hopefully) Media, Culture, and Communication. Through my passions for storytelling, social justice, & sustainable fashion, the goal of my work will always be to voice underrepresented experiences and issues.  As an 18-year-old Haitian-American girl, growing comfortable within my skin has been something I struggled with for a long time. For years, I yearned to look, talk, act, think–BE someone else. Anyone but me. But now I am finally growing to love the individual I am, and out of…

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    Individuality Is a Weapon

    Heyyy APC. My name is Mars, short for Kumares, and I’m 16-years old, living on the west side of Jersey City, NJ.  I’m Filipino-American, or FilAm; and I’m an artist and musician, amongst other things. Most importantly, this makes me a creator; and in my opinion, that is one of the greatest things you can be at such a young age. The vitality of discovering self-value and expressing individuality is a common issue in society today.  It took quite a while for me to break out of my shell and figure out who I am. Of course, I’m still on my way to truly figuring it out, but in the years…

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    Hi APC! My name is Lidia Solomon, and I’m a 17-year-old from North Carolina. My race is black though I identify more with my Eritrean nationality ( barely any people know this country exists sadly ) The piece I’m submitting was an independent writing project my AP Lang teacher asked my class to write. I chose to write a poem and I knew I wanted it to be about something I was really passionate about. Trying to figure out which passion of mine I would want to write about wasn’t that hard. I like to watch spoken word videos on Youtube and the day this project was assigned I went…

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    Art Meets Food

    Hi APC! My name is Jane Li, and I am a Taiwanese American lettering artist/illustrator based in the Bay Area.  I work in both digital and mixed media, and my art typically reflects my culture, current passions, and recent events. Last year, I created a series inspired by my love for food and Netflix’s adaptation of Jenny Han’s book, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before! This series was very meaningful to me because it helped me appreciate food as a reflection of culture and a language of love. Check it out below!

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    Hello APC, my name is Laila Stevens and I am an 18-year-old interdisciplinary artist from Queens, New York. I am currently a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Photography & Related Media. I hold strong pride in identifying as a Queer Black Womxn Artist because it fully encompasses the parts that make me whole, inclusive and personal. If anyone were to ask me who I am, I would tell them just that. It is my belief that POC LGBTQ+ identifying folks have incredibly valuable perspectives, holding incredible strength in their voices and stories.  The more I discovered each side of who I was both interchangeably and in collaboration,…

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    Where Design Meets Engineering

    Hey APC! My name is Sarika Kumar and I’m a current sophomore at UC Davis! “Design” is an interesting word. Drop it in a highly technical conversation amongst engineers and immediately the idea of design means pure aesthetic rather than usability. When used in just a general conversation, there are several different meanings to the word —which connotation does the person intend? Aesthetic? Or functionality? Both? And so the main question becomes: how does one define design? In grade school, I was the kid that everyone knew to be “the artist”. However, what people didn’t see was that I spent an equal number of hours building lego sets as I…

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    Mixed Pride

    Hey APC! My name is Lara Bateman, I’m 16 years old from Hong Kong. Here to write to you about my experience in finding my identity, or my journey so far.  With a Filipina mother and an English father growing up in Hong Kong, my identity wasn’t the easiest code to crack, and it didn’t help that I liked girls too. I am a Filipina girl with light skin and freckles, I am an English girl with Asian features and dark hair—well right now, it’s pink. Being accepted in both of my cultures was/is really difficult for me and I have always felt very distant from my heritage. I was…

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    Hey APC! My name is Alyssa Salvador and I’m an avid photographer! My concept for these images pertains to the persona or appearance that everyone presents to others. The persona is self-construed and susceptible to change based on a situation and other people. The notion of self-obsession is a consequence of having your outward persona consume your consciousness and having it overshadow your ego. The idea of self-love results from one who finds their persona adequate, and deriving self-worth from within by addressing their flaws and getting to know their true self!