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    A Well Penned and Equally Well Deserved Letter to my Genius, Idiot, Self

    This is staff writer Emily Diaz here, back with a letter to all those men and women out there who doubt themselves, myself included! Hello. I am something of an intellectual. Well, I’d like to think. You see I’ve read Macbeth and I’ve taken AP Literature and AP US History and well, I work damn hard in my academics. I work so hard sometimes I forget. Sometimes I forget that on top of being someone who is considered by some (here’s me hoping) to know quite a few things and have good insights and yada yada yada… I am profoundly lost in life. When I say lost, I mean that…

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    My Own Beat

    My name is Janele Forbes and I am a drummer and dancer! I used to be very self-conscious and insecure. Before the drums and dance entered my life, I was struggling through my own obstacles related to mental illness. I would have never imagined myself doing things like a drum solo in front of a mosh pit, or shaking my hips in a coconut bra. Being a drummer demands that attention from a crowd, and even more so when you’re a small Asian girl among a lineup of male bands. You get judged more. You get the weird looks, and the mansplaining. Not only did playing this instrument force me…

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    What is Justice?

    Hi! My name is Ava Burroughs and I am a 6th grader at Kent Place School. Below is a story I have written about how I started to get involved in activism and question what justice means to me! “Daddy, what is that? Why do you look so proud? Why is that lady crying? Why do they have their fists in the air?” Asked a little-mixed girl with hair like spun sugar while tugging at a picture of her grandfather. The picture depicted a civil rights march. A march to make it so there could be such a thing as a little-mixed girl and her mixed father. “Daddy answer me…

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    Rewrite the Narrative

    My name is Jessica Valadez Fraire and I am a queer indigenous creative who seeks to find “meaning in the ordinary”. I do not see an accurate portrayal of brown and black people in mainstream media. As an indigenous woman, I seek to create media that captures the complex identities of other marginalized people. Photography has been that medium for me. When I take photos of fellow brown and black individuals, specifically youth, I am rewriting the narrative set out for us. I want to show vulnerability and strength and happiness in our communities. It’s time to write out own stories.

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    Street Hero

    Hello, I’m Yen Tran and I am a UC San Diego freshman from Vietnam. I have always had a knack for art, whether that’s digital or visual creation. I’ve lived in Vietnam my entire life and I get inspiration for my art from my friends, my family and the society around me. I’ve always been intrigued by the roles that women play in the society. In different cultures, the roles of a woman are perceived differently, both positively and negatively. The pressure placed on women by society is a factor that shapes them; either making them stronger or making them follow a certain beauty “ideal”. How do they transform, by…

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    A Splash of Color

    Hi, I’m Maria Perez and welcome to the Colors Project! I believe that dress is an unspoken language that many of us are unaware of. The idea of what people choose to wear and the different colors they pick, coincide with certain personality traits they may have. With the help of my friends, I have collected a series of photographs depicting the colors of the rainbow through different fits. Join me and learn more about the inspiration behind my project! Yellow is bright and eye-catching. Those who wear yellow are known to be creative. Wearing yellow helps us get a boost on those extra hard days and it sparks cheerful…

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    Mi Calle – Joven, donde vives?

    It’s me, Emily Diaz, back again with another story! Below is a creative piece I have written called, “My Street – Young, where do you live?”, which depicts my childhood struggle to identify my home. I was constantly asking myself the question: Do I belong in the Dominican Republic or in New York? Join me in my journey to find the answer. Motocicletas zoom up and down the streets as I travel down the block to my cousin’s home. Anthony Santos’ finest record is flowing through the streets from the Volvos parked along the block, and my neighborhood is filled with sabrosura. I am greeted by the staccato bangs of…

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    What’s up APC? My name is Jos and I’m from New Jersey! Below is a personal essay I wrote about growing up lesbian in my hometown. Growing up in a homophobic city and going to a school in which the teachers, disciplinarians, and principals were all homophobic made my life pretty difficult. The year I came out was 2013. 2013 was a year of pride, loneliness, awareness, and personal growth. The city that I was raised in was a city full of crime and violence. If you were not what society deemed “normal,” you had to hide who you were. I came to terms with my sexual orientation when I…

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    The Lives I See

    Hello APC! My name is Amy and I live in Shanghai, China. I have loved taking photographs since I was very young. Photography allows me to record the authentic moments of life. Photography is about creatively revealing my values through my use of different subjects in my photographs as well as in the finished product as a whole. I believe that photography can harness the emotions of an audience and spur a deeply resonating impact. Follow my Instagram, @smokeshell, for more awesome photos!

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    A Trip of a Lifetime

    Hello APC, my name is Camy Pierre-Louis and I am a sophmore at Rice University. In 2016 I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program in China through a language immersion organization called NSLI-Y. Looking back I learned so much from my NSLI-Y summer, here are some of my takeaways: My NSLIY experience can only be described as surprising and life changing. I did not plan to apply to NSLIY nor did I know it existed until a friend showed it to me in the middle of the library. Excitedly, she told me that there was this program that let people who studied different languages…

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    Brace Yourself

    Hello APC fam! My name is Ankita Sen and here is a piece I wrote about my mental health journey. I’ve been on the verge of having a panic attack for the last three weeks. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s overcome me. Every so often I’m stopped in my tracks and it feels like the world is spinning on a different axis and I’m somehow left behind spinning all alone. I can’t shake the feeling that something, anything will go horribly wrong at any second. I have to brace myself for when it does. Will I ever be good enough? Will I ever be the person I…

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    A Moment Captured

    Hello all, my name is Janna Ibrahim. Photography to me means capturing things from a perspective that the rest of the world might not see it in. It means sharing the beauty of perception. It means freezing a moment I wish I could stop and savor in real life. Photography holds meaning in my life because it allows me to express my individuality. I have a profound love for colors and a sharp eye for unnoticeable things. A little hint of my personality and identity can be found in each and every photograph that I take and that is what makes each one special. Photography is a box where I…