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    This summer I had the privilege of sitting down and talking with Azuri Brown, 11, about her opinions on the word “tomboy”. We were able to unpack the word and assess what it means in our respective communities as well as in society as a whole. Click here to watch her interview!

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    On Gender Issues In Zimbabwe

    Hello everyone! Before I begin, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bekezela and I am 17 years old. I am a born Zimbabwean of Zulu origin. But most importantly, in terms of this article, I am female. Being female and commenting on gender issues in Zimbabwe can be difficult. Difficult because like every other female in my country, my experience has been, for the most part, terrible. To put it simply, Zimbabwe (the land I love beyond what can be explained) has a big gender issue. It is a sexist nation that has since the beginning of time put excessive effort into glorifying the male. Misogyny runs deep…

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    A Pen & Pad

    Hi! My name is Kristen Narona and my Instagram handle is @ntkristen. I’m 17 years old and am a senior going to high school in Denver. This set of artwork consists of 6 pieces showcasing different styles and representations of Southeast Asian Women. Growing up, I didn’t have much representation of women that looked at me, let alone other women that share my aesthetic. I’ve made it a goal in my work to represent and normalize brown skinned Asian women. There are a lot of stereotypes of what Asian women can look like, but it’s my hope to enlighten others on the diversity of skin colors that exist within Asian…

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    My name is Matilda Tran & I’m a Vietnamese international student at Miss Hall’s School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. I’m a lover of art & I work in several mediums: photography—mostly experimental—, drawing, fabric/textile, and music. Photography is my main platform and I’m currently focusing on capturing/triggering the feeling of awkwardness and tension. “Censored” is a photography project I’ve been working on that explores my experience and observation of the suppression of women across the different cultures that I have been raised in, namely the American culture and Southeast Asian culture. I seek to use the different types of flowers to symbolize the expectations that surround girls as we grow up,…

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    Masks We Wear

    Introducing Katya Avila, a senior at Scotch Plains-Fanwood Highschool. Growing up can be hard, especially with the ever present beauty standards set by the media and society. Katya shares with us her experience growing up Chinese-Filipino, seeing little representation of women like herself in the beauty industry around her. When flipping through pages of any style and beauty magazine, it’s easy to be drawn into the advertisements promoting the newest “peachy pink” eyeshadow palette or “skin perfecting” foundation, or really any cosmetics shown on the shiny pages. They feature beautiful women with flawless glowing faces and sparkling eyes, telling people that with this new product, they’ll be perfect too.  …

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    The Story Within

    Meet Grace Rivera, musical enthuiast and acting powerhouse. I was simply blown away hearing Grace’s music; read her story below to be awed by her talent too! Music has and forever will be my favorite form of storytelling. We are constantly surrounded by it. The day I discovered theatre, my perspective on sharing stories changed. Not only can you use music and dance, but you can also use acting to tell your story. The first musical I ever saw was The Lion King.  To me, it wasn’t just the famous animated Disney movie we all know and love, but it was about discovering your true potential and immersing yourself in…

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    Looking Back on 2018

    In honor of the new year, staff writer Jasmine Simmons decided to pay tribute to all the women of 2018 that made her year special. Serena Williams ¨I have a daughter and I stand for what’s right. You owe me an apology.¨ Serena Williams is known as a world renowned tennis player and one of the most dominant athletes of all time. She is known for her grace, power, and resilience. However, this past September at the US Open during the finals the referee made some calls that she felt questioned her integrity. He gave her multiple penalties, one for receiving coaching, another for smashing her racket, and then a…