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    Did I mention that besides being an amazing artist, Jiji is a natural writer? Yes, Jiji is back with another piece, this time about her childhood attempting to understand her mixed-race and queer identity. Read her piece below for a thought-provoking coming of age story. I am far from my mother’s tree, yet I’m the roots of her tree, keeping her grounded. I am a constant reminder of how her family has developed, how deep the roots go and how high the branches reach. The fusion of cultures celebrated in my home was an environment molded solely by my mother. My mother passed on her eyes to me, her unique lens…

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    Speak Up

    Following the killing of American journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Siddrah was inspired to write an opinion piece on the power of journalism. Read below for another powerful insight by one of our APC staff writers! As a passionate American teenager with a Middle Eastern ethnicity ambitious to pursue my education in the field of journalism, the typical exchange I have between Arab family members and adults when discussing my future results in them having responses such as; “You want to be a journalist?! You do know that they are going to (imprison, kidnap, kill) you right?” Those are only some of the quite irrational statements adults tell me; a teenager in…

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    Only Love, not Hate

    Luiza Vilanova is a high schooler from Brazil. The definition of multi-talented, Luiza is a writer for the publication Around the World and is also the founder and CEO of the community outreach initiative Gotinhas do Bem. In addition, Luiza is also a skilled writer. Below is an excerpt from a narrative that she wrote, detailing the racial polarization of Apartheid through the eyes of a white highschooler.  From my bedroom window, I could see through the darkness and gaze down at the hoards of fleeing people. The new policy of “good neighborliness” had come to fruition, and the first signs of the nightmare to which blacks would be subjected were already…

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    Ain’t Got Nothin’ But the Blues

    Meet Samantha Powell, a senior at Newark Academy and basically the most talented singer you’ll ever meet. Listening to one of Sam’s videos you might even mistake her for a professional. Click here to watch her latest jazz performance! (Did I mention she has a full orchestra accompanying her? Yes, she’s that good…)  

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    A New Medium

    Hailing from New York, Jiji’s always been a natural artist. Her medium includes drawings and even the repurposing of clothing. Anyone that’s ever seen Jiji’s art can agree that it’s truly magical. Check out her pieces below! Art has been a part of my life since the day I was born. I grew up in a family full of artists and creators, so from a young age, I was encouraged to draw and paint and explore all different mediums. As I grew, so did my view of art, always exposing new ideas and mediums that I had never experimented with before. The endless possibilities that art provided, grabbed me and…

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    Music in Me

    Jessica Zheng is a junior at Newark Academy. Music has always played an integral part in her life, especially her place in her school choir. Let’s hear more!                               When my mom signed me up for choir in third grade I never looked back. I can still remember my pitchy little voice at age 10 (to be honest I’m probably still pitchy it’s just harder to notice) trying my best to sound “mature” in a big group of people. Some of these people would become some of my closest friends, but I wouldn’t know that until much…