• Dear Brown Girl

    Dear Brown Girl: Kaia Baker

    Hey, Afro Puff fam! We are proud to be launching a new video series called Dear Brown Girl where we’ll be discussing varying topics with girls of color around the world. The next few videos of the series will be centered around travel. Let us know what you think in the comments below and show us some love on social media with the #APCDearBrownGirl and #BrownGirlsTravel. Yours, Tyler Newman       Music Credit: <a href=”https://www.hooksounds.com”>HookSounds.com</a>  

  • Keepin' It Real,  Writing

    A Child of The West & of The East

    Siddrah Alhindi is a Staten Island high school senior, an aspiring journalist and one of Afro Puff Chronicles’ staff content creators! From the first time I met Siddrah, our relationship has been both of friendship and education. I will never forget the night that she told me why she wore her hijab. I asked questions, she answered; she spoke and I listened. I appreciate her deep value and respect for cultural exchange, for, without her, I would still be ignorant to fundamental aspects of Islamic culture, just due to the fact that I, like many others, rarely get exposure to stories such as hers. So today, I challenge you to…

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    Making the Connection: Brunch

    Afro Puff Chronicles really is the gift that keeps on giving. Through conducting interviews with dozens of fabulous women, (more interviews to come soon) I was able to meet one of my high school alums, Mrs. April Bauknight. We immediately connected, and while chatting, I asked her, “Hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an alumni/student mentor-mentee program at Kent Place?” From that simple question, the Making the Connection program was formed. We are a mentorship service that provides middle and high school girls of color at Kent Place School with alumni mentors as well as host biannual events such as our greatly anticipated brunches. Last weekend, we had our…

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    Star Girl

    Sarah Freeman is many things. A renowned model, a talented dancer, the co-founder of the popular Instagram account @biracialblackbeauties, and also a twin. What’s most impressive is she’s accomplished all this by the 6th grade! Let’s hear what Sarah has to say about growing up black in America.  Being a girl of color isn’t easy. There are only 14 out of fifty girls of color in my grade. At my dance studio, there are only three in our age group. Sometimes it’s hard trying to make people understand what it is like to be a person of color. People I know will walk up to me, stick their hands in…

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    The Afro Puff Chronicles Shoot

    Hey, Afro Puff Fam! It is with great excitement that I am releasing the pictures from Afro Puff Chronicles’ first photoshoot! I want to thank Annie Li, Dan Hu, all my lovely friends, and last but not least, my AMAZING parents, who helped me pull off this massive undertaking. My vision for this shoot was a dream-like and colorful set that really evoked the happiness and community that I saw afropuffchronicles.com as. (You might recognize the background from our opening video; we both filmed and took photos here!) So, without further ado, here is the final product! Yours, Tyler Newman