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    A Unique Combination

    Hello APC! My name is Myrthe Nymph and I’m a Dutch filmmaker and writer of Chinese origin. At the moment, I am 21 years old and study at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.  Filmmaking and psychology. I often get questioned about this odd combination. I was born April 1st 1998 into a musical family. My dad and mom love making music and even used to be in a music band before they became social workers. I had the privilege to learn as many musical instruments, dance styles and other art forms as I wished to. I was just 12 years old when my passion for filmmaking and photography…

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    Brace Yourself

    Hello APC fam! My name is Ankita Sen and here is a piece I wrote about my mental health journey. I’ve been on the verge of having a panic attack for the last three weeks. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s overcome me. Every so often I’m stopped in my tracks and it feels like the world is spinning on a different axis and I’m somehow left behind spinning all alone. I can’t shake the feeling that something, anything will go horribly wrong at any second. I have to brace myself for when it does. Will I ever be good enough? Will I ever be the person I…

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    When you’re young, you feel invincible. Your world seems elevated and tinged with gold on the edges. But then something happens and your eyes are opened to the fine line between life and death that you walk so innocently each day. It happened on a Sunday. I was about to go to tennis practice. “Hurry, you’re going to be late!” My mom announced above the beats of 103.5 radio. I was in the bathroom, struggling to pull my cloud of curls into a neat bun. It was Sunday, August 26th, 2018 and the embers of summer shinned hot that morning. I wished summer would never end. The stairs creaked slowly…

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    I am Hannah Hurr

    Hannah Hurr is a senior at Ridgewood Highschool in New Jersey. She is a talented journalist as well as a musician! Let’s dive into Hannah’s inspiring story.  Approximately 5.4% of the U.S. population identifies as Asian American or Pacific Islander. Of those, over 13% have had a diagnosable mental illness in the past year. That is over 2.2 million people. The overall suicide rate for Asian Americans is half that of the non-Hispanic White population, yet Asian American students are still more likely to fatally harm themselves. I was born in Hawaii, lived in Korea with my grandparents, and then moved to the tri-state area (where the rest of my…

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    Mental Health: Studying with Anxiety and Depression

      Thank you, Amal for these helpful tips! I’ll definitely be trying them out myself. Check out Amal’s Youtube channel, for more content and view her summarized study advice below.