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    Hi APC! My name is Linda Sol and I am a 20-year-old rapper/poet, from Chicago. From the inner city to Stanford University, I have found a safe haven in the world of poetry. I’ve competed in many spoken poetry competitions such as Louder than a Bomb, where I was a finalist and CUPSI, where I made it to the finals twice. My art has always been inspired by my Puerto Rican identity, my family’s resilience, and my understanding of self-love and self-preservation. Naturally, my love for poetry and music birthed who I am today: a lyricist. In my short time as an emcee, I’ve had the blessing to open for…

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    Artistic Connection

    Hey APC! I’m Christine Lee, and I am an incoming freshman at Harvard College. You may know me from my popular Youtube channel, Christine Lee! (Scroll down for Spanish Version) I’ve always been one to grab a pencil and paper and sketch whenever I felt the sudden urge to do so. I take after my grandmother in this sense, who had taken up painting and sketching after her retirement. One summer night in 2015, when my sister and I went camping with my grandparents in their RV, I woke up around midnight because I could not sleep and found my grandmother sketching under the dim lights of the cramped kitchen…

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    Brush Strokes

    Hello APC! My name is Andrea Gonzales and I am a sophomore at the University of San Francisco, studying Business Marketing and Design. As a first-generation Filipina with strict (but loving) parents in the medical field, I’ve been told that art will always be “just a hobby.” Since my family members consistently reduced the importance of art to merely a “pastime,” I forced myself to believe that the medical field was meant for me and neglected my passion for art. Plagued by the idea that medicine was the only opportunity to be successful, I initially enrolled at the University of San Francisco as a nursing major. But as I finished…

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    Rewrite the Narrative

    My name is Jessica Valadez Fraire and I am a queer indigenous creative who seeks to find “meaning in the ordinary”. I do not see an accurate portrayal of brown and black people in mainstream media. As an indigenous woman, I seek to create media that captures the complex identities of other marginalized people. Photography has been that medium for me. When I take photos of fellow brown and black individuals, specifically youth, I am rewriting the narrative set out for us. I want to show vulnerability and strength and happiness in our communities. It’s time to write out own stories.

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    Street Hero

    Hello, I’m Yen Tran and I am a UC San Diego freshman from Vietnam. I have always had a knack for art, whether that’s digital or visual creation. I’ve lived in Vietnam my entire life and I get inspiration for my art from my friends, my family and the society around me. I’ve always been intrigued by the roles that women play in the society. In different cultures, the roles of a woman are perceived differently, both positively and negatively. The pressure placed on women by society is a factor that shapes them; either making them stronger or making them follow a certain beauty “ideal”. How do they transform, by…

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    A Splash of Color

    Hi, I’m Maria Perez and welcome to the Colors Project! I believe that dress is an unspoken language that many of us are unaware of. The idea of what people choose to wear and the different colors they pick, coincide with certain personality traits they may have. With the help of my friends, I have collected a series of photographs depicting the colors of the rainbow through different fits. Join me and learn more about the inspiration behind my project! Yellow is bright and eye-catching. Those who wear yellow are known to be creative. Wearing yellow helps us get a boost on those extra hard days and it sparks cheerful…

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    A Moment Captured

    Hello all, my name is Janna Ibrahim. Photography to me means capturing things from a perspective that the rest of the world might not see it in. It means sharing the beauty of perception. It means freezing a moment I wish I could stop and savor in real life. Photography holds meaning in my life because it allows me to express my individuality. I have a profound love for colors and a sharp eye for unnoticeable things. A little hint of my personality and identity can be found in each and every photograph that I take and that is what makes each one special. Photography is a box where I…

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    A Pen & Pad

    Hi! My name is Kristen Narona and my Instagram handle is @ntkristen. I’m 17 years old and am a senior going to high school in Denver. This set of artwork consists of 6 pieces showcasing different styles and representations of Southeast Asian Women. Growing up, I didn’t have much representation of women that looked at me, let alone other women that share my aesthetic. I’ve made it a goal in my work to represent and normalize brown skinned Asian women. There are a lot of stereotypes of what Asian women can look like, but it’s my hope to enlighten others on the diversity of skin colors that exist within Asian…

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    My name is Matilda Tran & I’m a Vietnamese international student at Miss Hall’s School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. I’m a lover of art & I work in several mediums: photography—mostly experimental—, drawing, fabric/textile, and music. Photography is my main platform and I’m currently focusing on capturing/triggering the feeling of awkwardness and tension. “Censored” is a photography project I’ve been working on that explores my experience and observation of the suppression of women across the different cultures that I have been raised in, namely the American culture and Southeast Asian culture. I seek to use the different types of flowers to symbolize the expectations that surround girls as we grow up,…

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    Ain’t Got Nothin’ But the Blues

    Meet Samantha Powell, a senior at Newark Academy and basically the most talented singer you’ll ever meet. Listening to one of Sam’s videos you might even mistake her for a professional. Click here to watch her latest jazz performance! (Did I mention she has a full orchestra accompanying her? Yes, she’s that good…)  

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    A New Medium

    Hailing from New York, Jiji’s always been a natural artist. Her medium includes drawings and even the repurposing of clothing. Anyone that’s ever seen Jiji’s art can agree that it’s truly magical. Check out her pieces below! Art has been a part of my life since the day I was born. I grew up in a family full of artists and creators, so from a young age, I was encouraged to draw and paint and explore all different mediums. As I grew, so did my view of art, always exposing new ideas and mediums that I had never experimented with before. The endless possibilities that art provided, grabbed me and…

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    Music in Me

    Jessica Zheng is a junior at Newark Academy. Music has always played an integral part in her life, especially her place in her school choir. Let’s hear more!                               When my mom signed me up for choir in third grade I never looked back. I can still remember my pitchy little voice at age 10 (to be honest I’m probably still pitchy it’s just harder to notice) trying my best to sound “mature” in a big group of people. Some of these people would become some of my closest friends, but I wouldn’t know that until much…