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    Hi APC! My name is Linda Sol and I am a 20-year-old rapper/poet, from Chicago. From the inner city to Stanford University, I have found a safe haven in the world of poetry. I’ve competed in many spoken poetry competitions such as Louder than a Bomb, where I was a finalist and CUPSI, where I made it to the finals twice. My art has always been inspired by my Puerto Rican identity, my family’s resilience, and my understanding of self-love and self-preservation. Naturally, my love for poetry and music birthed who I am today: a lyricist. In my short time as an emcee, I’ve had the blessing to open for…

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    A Single Note

    What’s up APC? My name is Ritika, and I am an incoming freshman at Duke University. I’m trained in classical Italian opera, but I sing pretty much anything and everything! Singing is a lot of things to me—an outlet, a hobby, a voice for change—and it’s one of the few things in life I know I’ll never be able to give up. Music has given me a place in the world to share who I am and being able to express myself in a way that is completely unique to me. I love singing because it gives me a way to connect with people, whether it be fellow musicians, theater…

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    A Song for You

    Hi, I’m Ume/Sheizaf! I’m half Chinese, half Moroccan Israeli and I’ve lived in Japan my whole life. I’m a singer-songwriter! I’ve always had identity and self-acceptance issues and music has always been there for me, helping me forget about my problems, giving me confidence. Because of music, I learned to love myself. I want my music to help and inspire other women, let them know they’re not alone, and to help them learn to love themselves. I’m releasing my first album in July. I’m super excited about it and I hope you all will love it too! Stay tuned by following my Instagram @sheizaf.ume.