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    Hello APC, my name is Laila Stevens and I am an 18-year-old interdisciplinary artist from Queens, New York. I am currently a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Photography & Related Media. I hold strong pride in identifying as a Queer Black Womxn Artist because it fully encompasses the parts that make me whole, inclusive and personal. If anyone were to ask me who I am, I would tell them just that. It is my belief that POC LGBTQ+ identifying folks have incredibly valuable perspectives, holding incredible strength in their voices and stories.  The more I discovered each side of who I was both interchangeably and in collaboration,…

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    Mixed Pride

    Hey APC! My name is Lara Bateman, I’m 16 years old from Hong Kong. Here to write to you about my experience in finding my identity, or my journey so far.  With a Filipina mother and an English father growing up in Hong Kong, my identity wasn’t the easiest code to crack, and it didn’t help that I liked girls too. I am a Filipina girl with light skin and freckles, I am an English girl with Asian features and dark hair—well right now, it’s pink. Being accepted in both of my cultures was/is really difficult for me and I have always felt very distant from my heritage. I was…

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    Golden Girl

    Hi APC! My name is Oumy Souané and I’m a college student based in NYC. Below are a few of my favorite writing pieces! Enjoy! My Father My father. The man that separated me from my body, and my body from me, and left me to glue all the broken pieces together. But don’t you worry, it got done.  My heart. For a very long time, has felt empty. Blood flowed through it, but it was tainted. It had strings and coils and feelings of hatred, love, anger, and of being insufficient laced with it, all from the man who was supposed to protect me and love me unconditionally. My Maman has always been there for…

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    For the Ancestors

    Hi! My name is Hema Patel. I was born in Arizona but spent my childhood on two Reservations: the Turtle Mountain Reservation in Belcourt, North Dakota and the Sisseton Wahpeton Reservation of South and North Dakota. Now, I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota! (Note: The cover photo is taken by Adam Sings in the Timber) My submission is a collection of photos, words, and art pieces that symbolize my journey to embrace my heritage and identity. They also symbolize the ways in which I try to honor my ancestors, through Ojibwe beadwork and Classical Indian Dance, Bharatanatyam. I hope my ancestors are proud of my work to honor our cultures. Part…

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    Not Your Stereotype

    Hi! I am Raina Pahade and I am a senior in a high school from Princeton, New Jersey! I am Indian, specifically Gujarati, and Marathi but I was born and raised in America. The piece I submitted is an acrylic painting on several wood panels titled “A Response”. It is basically a response to American society and the traditional Indian culture. All statements depicted in this piece are real statements that have been said to me or I have heard! Some of the statements are responses to those claims. I chose to paint two Indian women; the one on the left side is supposed to represent what Indian and American…

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    A Look in the Mirror

    Hey APC! My name is Andrea, and I’m a junior at Phillips Exeter Academy.  I go to a boarding high school in New Hampshire, I grew up in Hong Kong. Although there are numerous differences between these two places, such as in culture and social norms, I’ve discovered one striking thing they have in common—the disturbing prevalence of white beauty standards. You’d think that a homogeneous Asian city would at least adhere to a less restrictive set of beauty standards, but I’ve come to realize that this notion is naive and untrue. The presence of white supremacy manifests in subtle, insidious, indelibly damaging ways, whether in countries next to or…

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    Hey APC! My name is Karla Sterrett and I am a 16-year-old from New York.  You’re not black enough! You “talk white”! You’re an Oreo, white on the inside but black on the outside! Hearing these comments from the age of 11 to 16 hurts. How am I supposed to respond to a comment so degrading? Words such as these make me feel powerless, tearing down my confidence, enlarging the insecurities I already have about myself. Being black is apart of who I am, so for another black person to say that I’m not “black enough” is worse than a slap in the face. It’s as if your own pride…

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    Hey APC, my name is Tyra Hughes and I am a sophomore at West Orange High School.  From a young age, I was surrounded by a heteronormative idea of love. In the movies I watched, to the books I read and even the relationships that my family members had, I had only ever seen love as being between a man and a woman. That lack of LGBT representation made it incredibly hard for me to understand and accept my sexuality as a sophomore in high school. Our society has always set straight as the default sexuality of the human race, and so when I first began to question my own…

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    This summer I had the privilege of sitting down and talking with Azuri Brown, 11, about her opinions on the word “tomboy”. We were able to unpack the word and assess what it means in our respective communities as well as in society as a whole. Click here to watch her interview!

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    Dear Brown Girl: Kaia Baker

    Hey, Afro Puff fam! We are proud to be launching a new video series called Dear Brown Girl where we’ll be discussing varying topics with girls of color around the world. The next few videos of the series will be centered around travel. Let us know what you think in the comments below and show us some love on social media with the #APCDearBrownGirl and #BrownGirlsTravel. Yours, Tyler Newman       Music Credit: <a href=”https://www.hooksounds.com”>HookSounds.com</a>